Initially trained as a nurse, it seems that life had a different path for me.

After moving to Glens Falls, I became involved in a friend’s art school. I began studying art and setting up new curriculums. I approached learning and teaching art in the same manner as I had learned medicine by understanding the theory behind the practice. More doors opened when I was offered jobs that linked my medical and creative knowledge by teaching art as therapy. What an incredible experience making art available to children with physical and cognitive disabilities, and empowering adults with serious medical issues. Both experiences led me to be the art director at a camp for critically ill children.

Ultimately, it became time to settle into one location, so I opened Studio Art in 1997. Here I was able to teach both children and adults in the areas of drawing, painting, and pottery. It has been an amazing 20 years. I will never stop learning, creating or sharing art.

Chris Walton