Drawing & Painting

Mon – Sun: 7a, 9p

Select your painting medium – oil, acrylic, watercolor, or pastels. Thus begins your artistic exploration. Choose to paint from nature, studio set -ups, photographs or your imagination. Throughout your session, you will learn traditional methods and materials, create a design plan, and explore your medium through application techniques, as well as color and composition principles.

Studio Art often holds sessions specifically related to drawing that allow you to work in your choice of pencil, pen, conte, charcoal, or ink. As you hone your ability to convert what you see or imagine into pictorial form, you will explore the elements of art and learn to “see” like an artist – focusing on composition, perspective, and problem-solving techniques.



Mon – Sun: 7a, 9p

If transforming a block of clay into a functional or decorative piece of original art is what you seek, Studio Art is the creative spot for you. Hand-building, sculpting, or using the wheel…your choice of techniqueis just the beginning. You will learn glazing methods designed for standard tableware to the interesting, and always surprising, saggar, raku, and smoking techniques to create your ideal pot, plate, or centerpiece.


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